Why Chubbs

Because our products are designed by anglers for anglers. Our team has over 100+ years of combined experience in the industry designing and perfecting fishing lures. Our mission is to use that knowledge and experience to create quality lures for the everyday angler. Attention to detail, quality craftmanship and a love for angling go into every Chubbs product. Fishing is our passion, and we want to be your trusted partner in “making memories on the water.”


We understand that you carefully select and spend your hard-earned money on fishing tackle. When you choose a Chubbs lure, you are getting a proven design that is built with craftsmanship and pride. From tank testing, carefully monitoring the manufacturing process, and using the highest quality components, Chubbs lures come READY TO FISH right out of the package.


At Chubbs Lures, WE FISH, and not to brag, but we know how to “put fish in the boat.” We offer a wide variety of products that target a variety of species including Bass, Walleye and Panfish. We carefully design, test and offer proven lures and baits that simply work. Choosing a lure doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Anything we sell, we trust, and our offerings are a welcome addition to tackleboxes everywhere.


At Chubbs, we understand that “size matters,” and our offerings come in the most ideal weight and length configuration. Whether trolling is your thing or fishing topwater in the shallows is preferred, we have the most popular size, length and depth options available to match your angling style and technique.


Color selection is undoubtedly a key to angling success and at Chubbs, we have you covered with more color options than a kindergarten art class. Every lure comes in a variety of fish catching colors and patterns carefully chosen for a multitude of angling locations and conditions. We also use the highest quality paint finishes to ensure your bait can take the everyday abuse of fishing structure.